Can You Put Dog Feces In Compost?

Can you put dog feces in compost?

Updated on November 14. 2023

This is an excellent question. In fact, it is a question we received a lot. "Why should I use compostable poop bags? Can you put dog feces in compost?" It's a bit of a sticky topic, but hey, when it comes to protecting our planet, no subject is too messy! 

Are we able to transform our furry friends' little 'gifts' into something beneficial for the environment? Let's explore this eco-friendly question together!

Can You Use Dog Waste For Compost?

The answer is YES.

We already talked about this on our blog post: Is it possible to compost dog poop?

Of course, you can compost dog poop. Dog feces are organic material and as such can be composted.

BUT you can not do it with your regular compost. That's the trick: you need to create a separate compost bin for your puppy's poop.

Dog Poop In Compost Pile

As we said before: dog waste should be treated separately from normal compost.

Why? Simply because, as different studies indicate, dog poop contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can be dangerous to humans when ingested.

For this reason, the compost that is made with dog poop should NEVER be used to fertilize vegetables for consumption.

Check out: Build Your Dog Waste Compost Bin Step By Step

Best Answer To: Can You Put Dog Feces In Compost? 

The answer is clear: it depends!

If you have a compost pile for dog poop, of course you can, and you should do it. That way you act to reduce the tones of waste that dogs produce per year and, also, you reduce the possibility that the pathogenic microorganisms present in dog poop make humans sick.

On the other hand, you will get a nutritious fertilizer for your plants and your flowers, without additives. And you won't have to pay for it!

Why Should I Use Compostable Biodegradable Poop Bags?

This is one of the most common questions and, in fact, one of the questions we receive the most. The causes are various.

1. To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Even if you don't have a recycling center that receives and separates dog poop for compost, or you can't create your compost bin at home, it's better to use compostable bags than plastic bags.

Even if the bag goes to the common trash? Yes, of course, because you minimize the pollution produced by plastic.

2. To Prevent Toxic Fumes

If the garbage is burned, you prevent the plastic from turning into toxic fumes when burned.

3. To Avoid Getting Your Hands Dirty

Although you can indeed use paper bags, a biodegradable material, to collect your puppy's poop, the paper does not contain dog waste in the same way; in other words, there are leaks, for example.

This is not a problem if you are near a dog poop compost bin or dog poop basket. However, it is quite unpleasant if you have to carry it in your hand until you reach the place where you can deposit it.

4. Because They Degrade Faster

On the other hand, have you ever thought that to make these paper dog poop bags, it is necessary to cut down trees? Ok, they can be made with recycled materials but even, in that case, the paper takes approximately 2 to 5 months to degrade.

Give a Sh!t compostable bags begin to degrade within 90 days.

A study carried out by The Witzenhausen Institute and the University of Bayreuth indicated that compostable bags, certified according to the European standard EN 13432, do not pose any challenges to the quality of the compost. Of course, our bags qualified 😉

But what about the use of polymers? The same study cited shows that the use of biopolymers doesn’t negatively affect compost.

On the contrary, the use of compostable bags for dog poop provides the consumers with hygienic and high-quality solutions for the separate collection of biowastes. Of course, as long as you use certified bags.

How Can I Use compost Made From Dog Poop?

Dog poop contains bacteria that are killed during the composting process if done correctly.

If the high temperatures that kill bacteria have been reached, compost made from dog poop is very rich in nutrients and can be used to feed the plants in your garden.

As a safety measure, do not use dog poop compost on any plant that provides food for human consumption.

A trick? You can mix the dog compost with vegetative compost for best results.

We hope we have answered your question: Can you put dog feces in compost? If you have more doubts, leave your comment, and we will gladly answer you in another post. 


Can I compost dog poop?

Is Dog Poop OK For Compost?

Of course! It is a mistake to believe that dog poop cannot be composted. It is possible to compost it, but the resulting hummus should not be used to fertilize edible plants.

How Long Does Dog Poop Take To Decompose In A Compost Bin?

The decomposition time of dog poop depends on the weather. In hot climates, canine feces can break down in 9 weeks.

Will Dog Poop Hurt My Garden?

Dog feces can hurt your garden because they contain many pathogens. For it to be beneficial to your garden, you should compost it, but never use it fresh or bury it in the garden.

What Is The Best Way To Dispose Of Dog Poop?

The best way to dispose of dog poop is to compost it in your backyard, garden or on your balcony. For this, you need a compost bin exclusively for dog poop.

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